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4 min readFeb 1, 2021


Following Mitch’s Money. Presentation by Doug Price on Dec. 28th, 2020

From an earlier segment, we learned that Mitch knows the way to win elections is Money. Money buys Power and Power buys Money. It is circular. Mitch is certainly not shy about obtaining money either — big business supports him because they know he will support them.

This support extends from him through the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Mitch controls the Senate and wields great influence over Republican Senators. He has targeted the Georgia races because these races could decide whether he remains the Senate Majority Leader, or becomes the Senate Minority leader.

Individuals are limited in the amount of funds that can be directly contributed to campaign, but committees — well, that is a totally different animal.

As examples, a PAC by the name of Team Graham has contributed $1.5 million to the National Republican Senatorial committee; Friends of Senator Pat Toomey over $1 million; and Republican House member Kevin McCarthy almost $500,000. There is the expectation that when these individuals run again the NRSC will be there for them.

Senator Lindsey Graham is on record stating that he was going to donate $1 million to Perdue and Loeffler. Of course, he cannot directly contribute this amount because that is against campaign finance rules, but all politicians can always find a legal workaround.

The NRSC has spent over $10 million buying ads against Offoff and almost $4 million against Warnock.

Then, there is the Senate Leadership Fund! Some of the larger donors have been One Nation $125 million, the Blackstone Group $70 million, the Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse and Treatment and the Las Vegas Sands $70 million each.

The Adelson related companies are owned by billionaire Sheldon Adelson who has been a prolific donor for Republicans.

Recently, he was implicated in a Department of Justice review of his casino dealings, but of course this review produced no charges. Does money talk? From 2012–2020 Mr. Adelson has donated over $500 million dollars to politicians.

From an earlier Moscow Mitch Monday guest, we learned that to meet with Mitch you had to be at a donor level of at least $25 thousand. I bet Mr. Adelson has Mitch’s personal cell phone number and calls are answered on the first ring.

SLF has spent over $273 million including $67 million against Ossoff, $671,000 against Warnock, $240,000 for Loeffler and $7.5 million for Perdue.

As noted by CNN the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is overseeing the Peachtree PAC, a new political action committee that emerged in recent days to shape the US Senate runoffs in Georgia.

The group will spend $43 million in new television and radio ad spending. That is on top of the roughly $80 million that the McConnell-aligned political organization already has committed to spend through the Senate Leadership Fund and American Crossroads, another super PAC.

“The fate of our country hangs in the balance in Georgia,” Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law said in a statement to CNN. “This new activity through Peachtree PAC will articulate the stakes couldn’t be higher as the future of freedom is on the ballot.”

Future of freedom? What kind of rhetoric is this? The bottom line is there are several Mitch led or supported Funds, PACS, other donations made to save his job; to continue to stack the Federal courts; to continue to work for corporations; instead of working for We the People. I encourage Georgian voters to vote for Ossoff and Warnock and help to do something that Kentuckians would not do: Vote Mitch Out on January 5, 2021!

Let us start anew with a Democratic Senate, House and Presidency and put the last 4 years behind us!

Doug Price is a member/treasurer of the MMRC and a regular participant on the #MoscowMitchMonday live stream, discussing Mitch and Money. Doug is an advocate of governmental change on the State/Federal level and has periodically worked on Democratic campaigns dating back to the 80s. Follow Doug on Twitter @ PriceDoug



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