Mitch and Fundraising

Following Mitch’s Money, Presentation by Doug Price on Oct. 12, 2020

First, I want to make a statement about the Mitch McConnell Retirement Committee. I joined this Committee when the Committee was formed several months ago. We are a dedicated group of volunteers who work with thousands of other people who are committed to effect change.

The people on this Committee are amazing and I appreciate their hard work and the work of those who have helped us along the way!

Tonight’s Following Mitch’s Money will look at the following items:

  • Fundraising
  • Judicial appointments
  • The election

Open Secrets is the go-to place to find out most everything about the financial aspects of elections. If you are looking to get lost for hours on end, being fascinated by all the intricacies of money in politics and walking away with disgust then Google it!

Open Secrets reports that during this election cycle there will be over $11 Billion dollars spent. They estimate the total in 2016 was $6.5 Billion.

Currently, Mitch has taken in over $37 million and I would not be surprised if that amount doubles or triples including Dark Money and/or PACS that work for the benefit of Mitch. Plus, these totals are only through June 2020.

We may not agree on candidates, but surely, we can all agree there is too much money in politics? Mitch craves this Money and uses it to create Power. As I have said before this is circular: give me more Money and I will have more Power which allows more Money to be given to me, creating more Power.

Here are some examples from this election cycle: contributions from NORPAC $168,000, UPS $90,000, KK&R $80,000 and Apollo Global Management $90,000. Mitch has received total contributions over $500,000 from many states, including California, Texas, Arizona, Tenn., Florida and Kentucky.

9% of his funds have come from Kentucky and the other 91% from out of state.

The average 2020 Senate campaign is approximately $4 million and Mitch’s fund raising may well be over $70 million.

Mitch has used his ability to generate donations to take over the Senate and effectively control whatever legislation is considered, including the appointing of judges. His current passion is the vote to approve Amy Coney Barrett to replace the recently deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

You may remember that Justice Ginsburg made it known that “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Mitch offered condolences upon her death via a tweet and stated in the tweet that he would fill this vacancy prior to the election.

Based on current conditions, I believe Mitch is genuinely concerned that President Trump is going to be defeated. He is concerned the Senate may flip and he may lose his election. If all of this happens then his swan song will be that he has appointed conservative judges to all Federal Courts to make the laws of the United States of America more conservative.

According to one source Conservatives make up approximately 37% of the American population and Moderates/Liberals make up 59%.

Lastly, all of us must vote this coming November 3, 2020. Our future depends upon everyone expressing their opinion in the voting booth. Expressing our views on Social Media does not effect change and there is no question we need change!

Please vote to Ditch Mitch on November 3, 2020.

Doug Price is a member/treasurer of the MMRC and a regular participant on the #MoscowMitchMonday live stream, discussing Mitch and Money. Doug is an advocate of governmental change on the State/Federal level and has periodically worked on Democratic campaigns dating back to the 80s. Follow Doug on Twitter @ PriceDoug



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